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Happy Holidays….

We have some great money saving sales running throughout the rest of the holiday season (see below)..and lots of great gift items including the highly desired King of Prussia Beer Outlet gift card …we are also raffling off this Sam Adams beer cooler coffee table...

The following items will be on sale until Monday January 2nd or while supplies last…

• Stella Artois 24/12 bottles…only $31.99 that’s $2 off

•Stella 12 packs (includes can, bottles, and Cidre)…only $16.99 that’s $1.50 off

•All Southern Tier Brewing Company products…a whopping $5.00 off per case or $2.50 off a 12 pack

• D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc. Lager 24/12 bottles….only $20.49 that’s $1.50 off

• White Claw Seltzer…only $18.99 per 12 pack cans or bottles

• Blue Moon Brewing Company bottles…only $34.99 a case (two 12 packs)

•ALL Chimay products are $10.00

• Evolution Craft Brewing Company Lot #3 IPA…only $34.99…that’s $3.00 off a case (two 12packs)

•Evolution Lot #6 DIPA…only $40.99…that’s $3.00 of a case (two 12 packs)

•Yuengling Variety Case 24/12 bottles…$23.99..that $1.50 off


Have a great holiday and thanks again for shopping with us!!


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